We make use of an “old school, large room”, professional recording studio facility, (with the most kick arse rooms around if we may say so ourselves), to make a difference in the lives of artists and students alike. Inspiration… Opportunity…Creativity…Success.  a Program where firstly it must be affordable, secondly be beneficial to everyone participating/involved and lastly, be the experience of a lifetime for artists/bands, students and fans alike. For an affordable, monthly membership subscription of $4.99, fans not only get a full digital download copy of each and every band’s (10 per year) completed studio albums, but also share the story, a front row view into the whole production process. Your opportunity to follow the recording process and interact with the artists/bands/student’s and staff. Your support also allows us to keep the doors open of a remaining large room recording facility and as a result, afford us the opportunity to assist indie artists/bands in sharing their music with the world.
Indie Artists / Bands
$14 995*: Recording, mixing and mastering of your professional studio album. a 30 Day Production at arguably one of the best purpose built recording facilities on this planet.  Depending on the number of subscribing monthly members, artists/bands could have this at zero cost and actually earn to record/mix their album with us.  (How?  RockstarJoint will purchase a number of finished albums of the artist/band equal to that of the number of subscribing fans for the artist’s/band’s production month.  These purchased albums will be made available to the subscribing fans as a digital copy download as part of their membership subscription). The experience of a lifetime. An end product of exceptional quality, something to be proud of, ready for delivery…the complete package.  Share your story…make your mark and be heard !  FIRST SESSION START DATE: 01 FEBRUARY 2018:  Book Now
Fresh Out of College Audio Engineering Students
An opportunity of a lifetime: hands-on, real world practical experience at a recording facility with control and live rooms that will inspire you to be great. Add to that a vast collection of recording equipment and the company of like minded people, and you’ll soon find yourself in a place where creativity knows no boundaries. As part of the #RockstarJoint Program, audio engineering students will have the opportunity to assist with the tracking and mixing of the participating artist/band’s album for that month.
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